We connect, train, and equip over 300 local leaders who are keen to drive community-led change through education. Read our 2022 Impact Report here:

We are a Ghana national registered NGO and a UK registered charity. You can download all the most recent financial statements and annual reports on the charity commission website.

Since 2015, together, we have created a network of 50 physical Spots or libraries in Ghana and Kenya, most of which we built or renovated, and many of which are solar-powered. Communities also typically donate labour, land and resources to the construction process. During the pandemic, these education spaces have often been a key source of learning and educational resources in our communities.

Our greatest resource, however, are our volunteers. The Spots are led and owned by community committees comprising local educational leaders, traditional leaders, political leaders, teachers, students, parents and wider community members. These committees build local volunteer teams, who we connect centrally via WhatsApp, conferences and online programmes. Students start to echo the volunteerism they benefit from and see role modelled. On the ground, EduSpots feels like a movement for community-led change.

Our Ghanaian staff team lead programmes in leadership, practical STEM and literacy development, which through our local leaders or Catalysts, are impacting an estimated 15,000 learners annually, with communities using education as a tool to solve local problems. We strive towards a decolonized model of educational support in low-resource settings and are always keen to engage in conversations to achieve this aim better, on the ground, whilst advancing educational opportunity.

Since 2016, we have also sponsored roughly 200 science kits (working in partnership with Dext Technology) and delivered an estimated 120,000 books (many brand new, thanks to Book Aid International, and including £10,000 of new African fiction, local text books and our own Kwame’s Adventures and phonics series). We have fitted solar power to ten of our Spots, also enabling them to have electricity during frequent periods of light-out.

We work with 40 UK and Ghanaian schools in critically reflective active global citizenship projects, with an estimated 200 schools benefiting from our education programmes and resources, alongside our four popular live online courses. We have run an annual conference in Ghana and the UK since 2018, and led our first Ghana Youth Summit in 2019 alongside our first CLEd Academy in 2021.

We won the Tes International Award in 2018, sponsored by the British Council, and were shortlisted for the EDUCOM NGO or Business Contribution to Education in Ghana award.

Our core beliefs:

  1. We believe that everyone should have access to a quality education that reflects and engages with their communities.
  2. We believe in everyone’s ability to affect change.
  3. Communities are stronger when diverse groups and schools work together.
  4. Change is more sustainable when communities are engaged in social change.
  5. Partnerships enable us to progress our impact and broaden our understanding.