I am a teacher, social entrepreneur & advocate for creative, critical & inclusive citizenship education. I am interested in the intersection between education, ethics and social change, exploring the often hidden learning spaces in schools and communities.

This website aims to become a collaborative space for blogging and sharing ideas to help structure my own thoughts as I continue to learn more about this field through practice, research and conversation. To contact me email cdavison@eduspots.org or follow me on Twitter.

My primary focus is upon working collaboratively to support the development of systems, curriculums, programmes and partnerships that use education as a tool for empowering students of all ages and identities to have the critical understanding, practical skills and confidence to create sustainable and inclusive social change.

Hidden from view, I struggle with ME, and want to learn how to be a helpful advocate for others suffering from chronic illness such as ME, CFS, post-viral fatigue and long Covid as I continue to find creative and positive ways to recover and manage my symptoms in this challenging process.

In 2021, I was shortlisted as a finalist for the Varkey Foundation’s Global Teacher Prize in partnership with UNESCO. This was in part for my role in developing EduSpots, a charity I founded and lead. Read the BBC article here.

Note that all views and ideas offered here are my own.