I am a teacher, social entrepreneur & advocate for creative, critical & inclusive citizenship education.

This website aims to become a collaborative space for blogging and sharing ideas to help structure my own thoughts as I continue to learn more about this field through practice, research and conversation. I am also open to engagement as an educational consultant. To contact me email cdavison@eduspots.org or follow me on Twitter.

My primary focus is upon working collaboratively to support the development of systems, curriculums, programmes and partnerships that use education as a tool for empowering students of all ages to have the critical understanding, practical skills and confidence to create sustainable and inclusive social change.

In 2021, I was shortlisted as a finalist for the Varkey Foundation’s Global Teacher Prize in partnership with UNESCO. This was in part for my role in developing EduSpots. Read the BBC article here.

Note that all views and ideas offered here are my own.