Getting excited about funding…

This was initially posted on LinkedIn on Thursday 10th November.

Today I got excited all over again! We received news of part-funding for a new girls’ empowerment programme…more details to follow.

Every time EduSpots receives a grant, I still jump around in my flat and get this rush of excitement, stemming I think from a sense of disbelief that someone decided to believe in our network, and our impact. 

I still vividly remember when we started EduSpots in 2015, and one amazing human took me aside and told me how grant funding worked and even created a spreadsheet for me. Before this, I didn’t even know that it was possible for someone like me to get grant funding. I didn’t know how to create a budget, let alone write an application. 

I remember the first grant we gained in 2016 for the extension of the Abofour Spot. This has paved the way for receipt of over 25 grants, with our mostly volunteer-driven team learning insane amounts in the process. 

Since this point, as a result, we have given out an estimated 150+ flexible grants of different sizes to Spot communities, with volunteers deciding how best to spend the funds based on their evaluation of needs.

In many ways, EduSpots works to redistribute grant funding and the power of decision-making, too often only given to UK registered organisations, to grassroots projects and the community-based individuals that run them, such as Anita (centre below) who leads remarkable girls empowerment initiatives through her Spot in Gomoa Manso. 

We believe that community members should decide how funding is best spent, with our team with experience of similar communities offering supporting with programme design and Spot leadership, with a large percentage of our staff doubling as volunteers. 

In one way, every grant received is remarkable. In another way, why wouldn’t people choose to give funding to projects that take a low-cost grassroots community-led approach to development? Why wouldn’t you fund a network of 250+ volunteers driving their communities forwards through education?

If you want to support, you can join as us an Ambassador here (, make a donation here ( or send questions to We will soon be launching our #BigGive Appeal, where we are excited to have £5000 matched funding.

For all those with a dream, I remember EduSpots when it was nothing but an idea in people’s minds. Beyond the 50 Spots and network created, EduSpots is still that same idea: a basic belief in educational equity, power analysis and community-driven change. We still don’t have all the skills, or all the answers, but the idea has got traction. 

The EduSpots team spirit is high tonight, and we thank everyone who follows our story, spurs us forwards, and believes in that simple vision that we call #OurCollectiveStory

Returning to origins can help energise and clarify the path ahead.


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